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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1. When we use the carton box it is sure to be damaged, will my deposit be forfeited?
ANS: We will not forfeit your deposit for minor damages. Deposits will only be forfeited for boxes that are damaged beyond reuse or resale.

2. What should I do to return the boxes in a reusable or resale condition?
ANS: Please do not tear masking tape pasted on the cartons after use. Instead cut slit them at the joins to open boxes.

3. Can we write on the boxes
ANS: Do not write on the box surface. Instead paste the masking tape and write on it, use the masking or OPP tape as the label sticker.

4. What is the standard rental period?
ANS: The standard rental period is the amount your pay per box to keep the box in your possession for 7days.

5. What is the extended rental for?
ANS: We introduced extended rental for our customers whom need to store their moving boxes while their office or house is being renovated or simply to unpack at their own pace.

6. How does the extended rental work?
ANS: Instead of extending the rental period in blocks of 7days, it will be much costly for our customers. Hence we allow customer to pay a flat fee of $12/$20/$35 and $50 for 14/30/60/90days respectively. Customers get to hold on to the rented carton boxes for an extended period after paying for the extended rental fee.

7. If I rent 30boxes and I need them for 30days, what are the charges involved.
ANS: Our Company has following four different charges in total
No 1. Rental charge per box (standard 7days)
No 2. Security Deposit per box (refundable upon return)
No 3. Extended Rental charge (if applicable)
No 4. Delivery Charge (if applicable)

8. Do you deliver, if so what is the cost
ANS: YES we deliver, at the moment we have standard delivery on Wednesdays only. Standard delivery is $15. Next day delivery additional $10. Same day delivery additional $20 and our Table Rate is,

Order Amount

Delivery Charge


$ 1 - $ 25

$ 15
& 26 - $ 50

$ 8

$ 50 & Above Free Delivery

9. What is your delivery time?
ANS: Our delivery timing are pre allocated and it can be seen on our delivery callendar during the delivery section of the checkout page. (see calendar link on question 11 below).

10. Can I request for a specific delivery time?
ANS: YES, we can cater to your request subject to availability of our delivery contractor.

11. Do you have other sizes of boxes?
ANS: We have a delivery booking calendar with available slots shown online, click the link to see on our delivery booking calendar, Just Click on calendar below

12. Can I custom order different sizes?
ANS: YES by all means we can manufacture based on your requirement we have a MOQ for custom sizes. Contact us for details.

13. When I rent how do I get my refund for the boxes when it is returned?
ANS: Our delivery team will refund your deposit by cash upon collection of the rented boxes.


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Size L: Large Box
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Size XL: Extra Large Box
60 x 42cm x 48cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall

Size XXL: Double Extra Large Box
62 x 46cm x 76cm (Length x Width x Height) Double Wall
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